For over 20 years, we have represented individuals and businesses of all sizes in a variety of commercial transactions.  We have handled highly complex deals for Fortune 500 companies involving sums exceeding $50 Million, as well as modest contracts for small, family-owned businesses.  We have also provided legal services to many industries. 

How We Assist With Contracts

We have honed our contract drafting and negotiation skills, and our ability to identify many potential issues and problems that may arise if not clearly addressed in a proposed contract.  Often, what is not mentioned or is left unclear in a written agreement creates more problems for the parties than what is expressly stated in the original agreement. We also review to identify contractual terms that are illegal, unenforceable, overly one-sided, or contrary to what is customarily accepted within an industry.  We strive to obtain the most beneficial terms possible for our client, while building in protection for the client from potential harm that could result if another party to the contract fails to perform its obligations.  

Legal Services That Fit Your Needs

We tailor our services to the needs and desires of the client.  In some cases, we simply prepare a contract for our client to offer to the other parties involved, or review a contract offered by the other parties, advising our client of potential issues and making recommendations.  In other cases, we provide comprehensive representation of the client through the entire process.  This includes drafting and reviewing contracts and related documents, and negotiating directly with the other parties on behalf of our client until the contract is in final form and all parties have signed.  When requested, we also provide follow-up services.  These may include supplemental or add-on agreements, amendments, or true-ups.   In some cases, clients ask us to review an existing contract to determine the parties’ rights and obligations, evaluate whether either party has breached the agreement, and advise the client regarding potential remedies and next steps.

Dispute Settlements

We also provide dispute settlement services.  If the parties to a transaction are engaged in a dispute, we will attempt to negotiate a desired outcome for our client and prepare a binding settlement agreement for the parties to sign.  In many cases, with knowledgeable legal representation and skilled negotiation, disagreements can be resolved without the uncertainty, expense and delays of a lawsuit. We are a transactional firm, with a focus on achieving our client’s desired results without litigation if possible; however, if litigation becomes necessary or arises despite our settlement efforts, we can often assist our client with finding a suitable litigation firm to handle the client’s case.    

Our Contracts Experience

We have provided legal services to clients in many industries.  These include manufacturing, telecom, software, aviation, retail, banking, lending, commercial and residential real estate, equipment leasing, services, publishing, and others. Here are a few examples of the types of transactions we have handled:

  • Master sales agreements for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • One-off retail sales and lease agreements.
  • Service agreements.
  • Warranties.
  • Software development, customization, licensing, support, service provider and value-added services (such as systems installation, testing and field trials, training, service-level agreements, and third-party service providers).
  • Telecommunications infrastructure and hardware sales, leases, warranty, service and support agreements.
  • Website usage licensing.
  • Agreements for provision of anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorism risk assessment and compliance software used by financial institutions.
  • Business acquisitions.
  • Letters of intent and requests for proposals.
  • Nondisclosure, non-solicitation and noncompete agreements.
  • Consulting and joint marketing agreements.
  • Aircraft and aviation equipment sales and maintenance agreements, and airport hangar leases.
  • Copyright licensing agreements and infringement settlement agreements for college textbook publishers.
  • Residential real estate sales.
  • Commercial real estate sales and leases.
  • Product development and procurement agreements.
  • Settlement agreements.
  • Sales of privately-owned vehicles and farm equipment.
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